Guide hungry snake to his favourite snack in this puzzle like combination of snake, pacman and sokoban.


Arrow keys - movement
WSAD - movement
space - undo movement
r - restart stage

Development log


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id like downlad

This is honestly a really cool game, really creative. I saw the Youtuber Jonas Tyroller play your game and I just had to check it out. I loved the puzzles, they were very fun and creative, and I loved all the cool mechanics. If you ever do add more levels, maybe some more levels with the portals? I really like the portal mechanic

Thanks :) currently I try to work on updating graphics and animation, but, boy, that quarantine...
After that I wanted to add some sort of scoring after each level. Maybe then I will post some additional levels ;) At least I try :)
It's very inspiring to read such positive comment :) Once again - thank you :)

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Very fun game! I'm practicing speedrunning it right now. I could notice some glitches with it though:

1. Sometimes you could push multiple colored rocks in a row, other times you can't. Assuming this is a glitch, I'd prefer the mechanic to have consistency of either one or the other.

2. Another consistency issue is that in the sideways trident-shaped level with the two red pellets and red rocks on the bottom and two brown pellets and brown rocks at the top is that if your solution is doing the bottom red part and then the top brown part, you have to eat both red pellets to be able to push the red rocks, while you only have to eat one brown pellet to push the brown rocks (vice versa if your solution eats the brown pellets first).

3. In the level right after that, you don't actually have to push the red rock onto the pressure plate to beat the level, so long as you eat all three red pellets. This makes the red rock kinda useless unless you modify the level a bit to make it needed.

4. Snakeman's body sometimes displays the wrong textures or even slightly askew textures for parts of him. My best example of this is that in the last level, if snakeman pushes the top-right portal into the middle of the top-right donut-shaped area and then you move left one, up one, right one (to enter the portal from the right side), and then up one, you'll see both wrongly chosen textures as well as a slightly askew texture.

In case you can't see what I mean about wrong textures, in the second level move up two and then left one and the textures/rotations will be wrong.

5. Speaking of consistency, sometimes when I hit spacebar or enter it undoes a move, but sometimes it resets the level. Please permanently designate one key to undo and one key to restarting the level.

6. There's another consistency issue I found when it comes to game logic. In the level with the checkerboard of grayed-out enemies where the red gray middle four are surrounding the berry and the brown gray enemies are surrounding the red, you are able to push the brown gray enemies but not the red gray enemies, despite them both being gray. I'd recommend changing it so that you could push any enemy that's gray so that your game has better game logic consistency.

7. Another consistency issue that might be out of your hands is the start screen. Whenever I reload the page to restart the game and start a new speedrun attempt, it seems like the start screen is sometimes skipped. Not only that, but when it plays it sometimes varies in length, meaning the start screen probably won't be counted as part of a speedrun's time for consistency's sake. Also sometimes when I refresh the page the game just doesn't load period, but that might just be an out-of-your-hands technical issue.

Also, personally I'd prefer if clicking the start screen doesn't immediately start the game, because in speedrunning your game I have to reload the page but then I have to click the game to focus the computer's attention on it so I could play it, and so in clicking it it ends the start screen early and the game starts, meaning in a traditional speedrun clicking your game would start the speedrun, but it's slow for me to click and then get my hands back on the keys needed to play the game, meaning the start screen ending early makes my run slower.

8. Sometimes when the camera is moving, I see what I think is tearing of the textures (it looks kind of like a short flash of some horizontal and vertical black shapes). I don't know if you could fix that, but it could be a little annoying.

9. In the level where on the left there's the blue enemy that moves up and down over four blue pressure plates, the boxes confused me when figuring out a solution because green particles are emanating from them despite them not ever being changed. I'd recommend disabling the green particles from that level.

10. Every once in a while the colorful circle particle effect will emanate from Snakeman for a split second for no good reason.

11. I think every once in a while particles for something are transparent, and I'd prefer for everything to be consistently fully solid.

12. I think the particles emanating from the enemies that shoot stuff are transparent. Also (to my knowledge, unless I'm wrong) they don't properly display themselves shooting in every direction like they probably should be.

13. When you push multiple rocks at the same time, every rock independently plays the rock moving sound, resulting in an annoyingly loud rock moving sound. Please consider modifying the code so that when multiple rocks are pushed at the same time, the sound is only played once.

14. On the last level, when your long blue snake goes into the bottom right corner section, let's say you move left and then two down and then two right and one up so you've snaked around the inactive portal. Well if you move left it pushes the portal through the snake's body. This has to be a glitch of course lol.

15. In the level with the four blue rocks in the middle of the level making an O shape, if you die by eating a white pellet, when the game temporarily pauses after your death, the game registers the blue as being removed from your body, thus graying out the blue enemies, yet the blue isn't actually removed from your body when you die. I'd recommend you change it so that when you die from eating a white pellet, either the enemies stay blue because the blue is still displayed in your body or the enemies turn gray and your body loses the blue segment (this is a consistency issue).

16. If you're going horizontally left or right while also holding down or up (or if you're going up while holding down), you'll move a little faster than normal speed (I'd assume it's a glitch because of the inconsistency of it working with all arrow keys except for down). This is very useful for me speedrunning-wise as it turns for example a 9.6 second level into an 8.5 second level, but I'd assume you'll probably want to fix this in the next version even though I actually really like the glitch for helping me speedrun your game faster.

17. The game gets glitchy if you die but then hit the restart button and start playing the level again before the death restarts the level, or if you die but then hit undo before the death registers.

18. If you beat a level, you could keep moving afterwards despite already finishing the level.

19. On the fifth level, when you pass the blue gate and eat the vertical strip of white pellets that removes all blue from your body, the one grayed out blue pressure plate stays pressed down even though you stepped off of it.

20. Every pellet you eat resets the berry's emanating particle effect, meaning that if you're eating a bunch of pellets in a row, the particles just won't play during the eating period.

21. If you start moving too soon after you die and respawn, your moves glitch out.

22. If you hit the restart button while a sound plays, such as the berry getting colorized sound, the sound will sound very glitchy and bad.

23. You misspelled Snake in the description.

Those were all the glitches and confusing aspects of the game I could type off the top of my head, but if you'd like I'll definitely bug test for you some more if you were to release an updated version of this.

I'd rate this game 9/10 because even though I typed all those things I don't like about the current version of the game, the visual design of the game and the mechanics are in my opinion very amazing. I think as it is it's the perfect length, considering it took me probably an hour or more to beat but my first speedrun attempt of this current version is 5:23.48, and it could definitely be a decent bit faster with less mistakes and a better strategy (I could confidently say sub-5 is possible). I'm definitely going to continue speedrunning this game, and I love it a ton. I'll probably eventually release some speedrun videos on YouTube of Snakeman BETA. But yeah, I'll definitely help glitch test for you if you'd like me to when you release the next version of Snakeman.

OMG! O_O I thought that this game won't have any attention, but reading your comment just blew my mind. Thank you very much such detailed analysis. Currently I have no time to fix all those issues. I will have some time near Christmas to deal with them. Where did you find this game? Analytics after your comments showed that game had for short period (3/4 days) some good attention

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I'm pretty sure I found it through the Godot subreddit.

I made some changes to the game. First of all, I want to thank you for your post. It was a big bust for me to return and finish this game and also to polish it as you suggested. Some of your points I fixed without a doubt, but I want to discuss the others:
1. I think this and some other points are signs that I failed as a game designer I didn't teach you properly about one mechanic - length of the snake. The longer you get the bigger stack of elements you can push. For instance: if the snake has only a head and a tail it can push only a single element. If you eat a dot then the snake will be longer by one and can push a stack of two elements and this thing goes on and on. One of the green levels should teach you that, but I think it is just badly designed and it doesn't fulfill its purpose.
2. Same as 1.
3. To be honest, I never thought you can do that without it ;)
4. Oh man, this was an issue from the very beginning, but I managed to fix it and now snakes body is properly displayed!
5. Shortcuts are fixed - spacebar is "undo move" and r is "restart"
6. I think it the same as 1.
7. Splash screen now is blocked and it is displayed for 1.5s and it cannot be skipped
8. This is beyond me. I use Godot engine and I saw there are some issues with rendering particles that cause this issue.
9. Changed to blue enemies
10. Yeah, I saw that, but to be honest it was very hard for me to reproduce it. So if you know any way to make it happen I would love to hear from you :)
11. Ok, maybe you're right and everything would be more consistent if there is transparency manipulation
12. Yeah, they had an animation that changed their alpha channel. Now I switched to disappear after a random period of time. I think I fixed an issue with wrong path display
13. Changed it to a single sound
14. Fixed
15. Changed as you suggested
16. It was due to some stupid if logic ;) I changed it so now you cannot do that trick but if you hold a button then the snake will speed up to a certain velocity. Moreover, its initial velocity is larger than it used to be.
17. Restart is blocked after finishing a level or after snake's death
18. Fixed
19. I changed buttons behavior so that if one button of a specific color is pressed then all buttons with the same color are displayed as pressed. If a button is pressed and blocked then corresponding doors are opened and blocked. If you unblock color then the button will be marked as released and doors will shut.
20. Fixed. The change will be displayed after the animation finishes
21. I think I fixed this
22. I think I fixed this too ;)
23. LOL ;D
Once again thank you for your time :)

I know it might be obvious to do on your end, but thank you so much for fixing all of these bugs! I really appreciate it, and it makes playing/speedrunning this game more fun and a more immersive experience per se.

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On the one green level where you push the rock down in a straight line then you slither a couple paces left, I just ran into a weird glitch where upon pushing the rock down the line, snakeman kept on moving with no sign of stopping. I tried lettin' go of the down key, and even pushing other keys, but alas, snakeman had some sort of date with destiny. Pressing spacebar fixed it though, because that just undoes whatever move is currently happening. I'm not sure if this glitch is at all replicable though, so it might've just been some sort of fluke.

Currently I'm working on a graphic/animation update. As soon as I'll finish I'll take a look at your bug. Maybe you have some sort of recording of this glitch?

It's really good!!! 

Thank you! 🙏

I love your game and how it incorporates some of the mechanics of snake. It's super intuitive and easy to pick up! 

Thank you :) currently I'm working on an update so stay tuned ;)

Nice! I bet it's going to be great!


Been (silently) following your threads in /r/godot, it's been really nice to see your progress. Great idea, great application. Keep up! :D


Thanks man! Really appreciate it :)

Another combination of Snake & Pac-Man, but with different objective.  

Could you provide me those other combinations of Snake and Pac-Man? :)

Maybe, like for example, the Pac-Dot that returns the blue ghosts, with that it would eliminate the enemies in a limited number of steps, for the rest you will have to discover it for yourself.